Memmingen Departure

A training flight with my instructor onboard into a controlled field.

Flight Rule

City - Unit
- Tower





Communication Transcript

Memmingen Ground, DELWF
DELWF, Memmingen Ground
DELWF, Grob 115, General Aviation Terminal, VFR via Sierra, information “C” received, request tax
WF, taxi to holding point runway 08 via taxiways N, B and A, QNH 1009, will hold short of runway 16
WF, cross runway 16, report ready (for departure)
PilotWF, crossing runway 16, wilco
PilotWF ready (for departure)
TowerWF, roger, contact Tower on 118,7
PilotWF, contact Tower on 118,7
PilotMemmingen Tower, DELWF, holding point runway 08, on (taxiway) A, ready (for departure)
TowerDELWF, Memmingen Tower, behind landing Cessna 172 on base line up runway 08
PilotDELWF, behind landing Cessna 172 will line up runway 08
TowerWF. leave controlzone via Sierra, stand by (will advice later for) right turn, wind 060/7 knots, cleared for take-off, runway 08
PilotWF, will leave controlzone via Sierra, standing by for right turn, cleared for take-off, runway 08
TowerWF, right turn approved,
PilotWF, right turn approved, turning right
PilotWF, position Sierra 2, altitude 1200 feet
TowerWF, roger
PilotWF, position Sierra 1, altitude 1500 ft
TowerWF, roger, approved to leave frequency
PilotWF, approved to leave frequency