Konstanz (EDTZ) – Günzburg (EDMG)

The flight was made on a fine day when CAVOK weather was reported in the vicinity of departure and destination airfields.

Flight Rule

City - Unit
Konstanz - Delivery





Communication Transcript

Pilot Konstanz Info, DELJF
TowerDELJF, Konstanz info
PilotDELJF, Abstellplatz, VFR flight from EDTZ to EDMG, Requesting Taxi
Tower JF, Taxi to 30
PilotJF, Roger
PilotJF Ready for departure
TowerJF, Wind 260° 12 knots
PilotJF Starting from Runway 30
PilotJF, requesting to leave frequency and contact Zürich
Tower Roger, JF, contact Zürich on 124.700
PilotZürich Information, DELJF
TowerDELJF, Zürich information, Pass your message
PilotDELJF, Tecnam 2002, VFR flight from EDTZ to EDMG, north of departure field, altitude 2800 climbing to 4100, requesting traffic information
TowerDJF Routing information please
PilotDJF Routing direct via EDMB, Biberach
TowerDJF, Roger, Squawk 3705, QNH 1014, Next report Saulgau
PilotDJF, Squawk 3705, QNH 1014, Repeat Next reporting please
TowerDJF next report Saulgau EDTU
PilotDJF, next report Saulgau
PilotDJF, passing Saulgau
TowerDJF, Sqwak VFR, Continue on your own or contact Langen, Bye
PilotSqwak VFR, wilco, Thank you DJF
On my own till 6 min to destination
PilotGünzburg Info, DELJF
TowerDELJF, Günzburg Info
PilotDEJF, 6 minuten südlich von flugplatz
TowerRoger JF, Piste 06
PilotPiste 06, JF
PilotJF, Gegenanflug 06
TowerJF, Roger
PilotJF, Endanflug 06
TowerJF, Piste is frei