Jerez (LEJR) – Gibraltar – Jerez (LEJR)

Flight Rule

City - Unit
Jerez - Tower

Jerez - Gibraltar - Jerez




Communication Transcript

PilotJerez Tower, G-OOFT, Good afternoon
TowerG-FT, Jerez tower, Standby
PilotG-FT, Roger
TowerG-FT, Go ahead pass your message
PilotG-FT, With information E QNH 1027, VFR departure local flight exiting via Echo, Requesting Taxi
TowerG-FT Confirm traffic ahead, Hold short RWY 20 Squawk 7330
PilotVisual contact with traffic ahead, G-FT
TowerG-FT Behind the traffic, Line up RWY 20
PilotLine up RWY 20 G-FT
TowerG-FT Traffic inbound
PilotTaffic in sight G-FT
TowerG-FT further information Sevilla approach 103.55, Clear of traffic in the vicinity of Echo
PilotSeville approach G-OOFT
TowerG-OOFT Seville approach, Buneos tardes, Go ahead
PilotG-OOFT We are Echo outbound direct to VJF VOR climibing 6000'
PilotGibraltar tower G-OOFT
TowerG-OOFT Gibraltar tower Pass your message
PilotG-OOFT if possible requesting low pass over RWY, approaching Sierra
TowerG-FT What Squwak
PilotSquawking 7330
TowerG-FT Contact Radar 122.8
PilotContact Radar 122.8 G-FT
TowerG-FT Are you visual with Gibraltar
PilotG-FT Positive Visual with Gibraltar but not the RWY
TowerG-FT Roger, Cleared visual approach RWY 09 right hand, You are number 1
PilotRoger, Cleared visual approach RWY 09 G-FT
TowerG-FT Report final, Low approach not below 500' where main road crosses the road, RWY will be open
PilotNot below 500' Report final Wilco G-FT
PilotRequesting descent 3000' D-FT
TowerG-FT At your discretion
PilotD-FT Roger
TowerContact Tower 118.55
PilotContacting tower 118.55 G-FT
PilotJerez Tower, D-OOFT, Descending over Echo 1000' Information Kilo QNH 1027
TowerG-FT Proceed Left base RWY 20
PilotLeft base RWY 20 G-FT
TowerG-FT RWY 20 Cleared to land, Wind 330 5 kt
PilotRWY 20 Cleared to land G-FT