Maastricht (EHBK) – Rotterdam (EHRD)

Flight Rule

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Rotterdam - Tower

Maastricht (NL) - rotterdam (NL)




Communication Transcript

PilotBeek Tower. DELWF
TowerDELWF. Beek
PilotGood morning. DELWF is a Robin DR 400. At Apron C. 2 POB. VFR to Rotterdam. Information November. Requesting Start
TowerDELWF. Strart up approved. Rwy 21. QNH 1016. Squawk 0066
PilotStarting up for Rwy 21. QNH 1016. Squawk 0066. DELWF
TowerDWF. That is correct
PilotDWF. Requesting Taxi to E1 for Run-up
TowerDWF Taxi to holding point E1
PilotHolding point E1. DWF
TowerDWF. How long before departure
PilotDWF. at E1. Ready for departure
TowerDWF. Roger. Bravo departure. Rwy 21. Cleared for Take off. Wind 216/12 knots. Early right turn
PilotBravo departure. Rwy 21. cleared for take-off. Early right turn. 1800 feet DWF
TowerDWF disregard early right turn. Bravo departure 1300 feet
PilotBravo departure. 1300 feet. DWF
PilotDWF. request to climb to 2500 feet
TowerDWF. climb to 2500 feet approved
Pilot2500 feet approved. DWF
PilotDWF. leaving the TMA. 2500 feet. Requesting frequency change to Eindhoven Tower
TowerDWF Frequency change approved. Bye bye
PilotBye bye
PilotEindhoven tower. DELWF
TowerDELWF Eindhoven. Good day. Go ahead
PilotDELWF. DR 400. 2 POB. VFR from Beek to Rotterdam. Currently over Roermond 2500 feet. Request to cross your TMA from current position to Den Bosch at 2500 feet
TowerDWF you are cleared to cross CTR. QNH 1005
PilotCleared to cross the CTR from the current position to Deb Bosch at altitude 2500 feet. QNH 1005. DWF
TowerDWF Squawk 5470. Report entering the CTR
PilotSay again Squawk please DWF
PilotSquawk 5470 DWF
PilotDWF 4 nm southeast of Helmond. 2500 feet. Entering your CTR
TowerDWF Roger
TowerDWF you want to remain with Eindhoven CTR
PilotAffirm to stay with Eindhoven CTR. DWF
PilotDWF Over R entering your CTR. 1500 feet
TowerDWF report O. Mind a helicopter taking off
PilotLooking for helicopter and wilco DWF
PilotDWF O 1500 feet. Request direct via Beacon
TowerDWF Approved Report over VOR
PilotWilco DWF
PilotDWF request descend to 1000 feet
TowerDWF Approved
PilotDWF Over the Beacon RTM
TowerDWF Cleared to land Rwy 24 Wind 160/10 gusting 18
Pilotcleared to land Rwy 24 DWF